Yvonne Hughes Architect

A large stone barn in which a dwelling for a bibliophile client, his family and numerous guests has been created.
The interior walls of the library, in terra cotta brickwork, stabilise the southern external wall that had started to weaken whilst providing four levels for book storage. The floors of the library, the balconies and the large terrace are of galvanised steel. The wide door on the northern elevation, the entrance lobby, a large dining area and the main terrace form an axe with a view towards an historic manor house through floor to ceiling glazing. Stone buttresses either side of this wide, glazed opening complete the stabilisation of the southern elevation. The kitchen area, to one side of the dining area, and the sitting area, to the other are slightly raised to distinguish the three different areas. A small study and the master bedroom lead off from the main sitting area. Guest bedrooms, a study and a playroom are arranged at other levels.